Viafrica has developed a number of standard server solutions for organisations of various sizes. Within these standard solutions servers may be configured to size.

Secure and affordable

All our server solutions are based on open source software. This has a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Secure. The server is insensitive to viruses. Almost all computer viruses use gaps in Microsoft or Microsoft-based software. Our servers are insensitive to those. We do offer virus scanners for these files, so as to make sure the virus does not spread.
  • No licensing fees. The open source software we use, does not have a licensing structure and can therefore be used freely.
  • Stability. Our servers are very stable and ensure undisturbed working.
  • Scalable. It is very easy to activate functionality or not without having to turn to expensive consultants.
  • Compatibility. It is possible to use workstations with either a Microsoft operating system or an Open Source operating system.



For AfricAid Viafrica has installed a network based on N-Computing hardware.

Peace House Africa

Viafrica delivered the office infrastructure for the international NGO Peace House.