Does your organisation need hardware, advice or support for projects in Africa? Is it difficult for you to find a reliable and knowledgeable partner at a distance? Viafrica Netherlands can come to a solution together with your organisation. Our local branches in Africa will carry out that solution or we support your local partner in the process.

The advantages at a glance:

  • You have a Dutch point of contact. Your local partner has a local point of contact.
  • Fine-tuning the exact contents of the project is easier thanks to the shorter lines.
  • Lower costs: Viafrica organises the entire chain.
  • Viafrica has ample experience both with Linux- and Microsoft-based solutions.
  • The revenues are used for social ICT projects in Africa, such as equipping and managing computer rooms at schools.


What we can do for you:
Hardware and software solutions
Order your hardware at Viafrica Netherlands and we ship it to Africa. We install the hardware on location in Africa, at your request. We also offer support to users and provide maintenance of the infrastructure.
You do not know exactly what solution you need? We can come to a solution together with you and implement it in Africa.

Education and training

We provide training courses and educational programmes for a wide group of users. We have developed training courses for final users, but can also provide customised training for system administrators, for example. The training courses are given both centrally and on location.