Viafrica imports used and new hardware and can provide a fitting solution for every budget; from complete systems or servers to peripherals and gadgets. We provide guarantee on all products and work supplied. Of course we only use licensed software.
Viafrica has 10 years of experience with ICT solutions in Africa. We know the specific challenges more than anybody else and have developed solutions for the local SME sector, the educational sector and a large number of NGOs. Viafrica offers local and sustainable support in Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone, including guaranteed maintenance, support and training courses.

We gladly are of service to you as well, so that you can concentrate on your objectives without having to worry about the ICT infrastructure.


As a standard, we have a stock of various laptops and netbooks. Is your model not included? We gladly order it for you. We have a stock of mainly new models, but also a small selection of excellent used models.

Viafrica mainly carries ICIDU for peripherals and parts. ICIDU offers its products worldwide against very competitive prices. A small selection from our supply:

  • printers
  • scanners
  • cords and connectors
  • portable DVD burners
  • USB sticks and external hard disks
  • etc.

Viafrica has a large supply of desktop computers on stock in Tanzania and Kenya. The majority of these computers are used systems. They are all grade-A brands and we supply them with a full guarantee of two months.