There is not yet an industry for processing e-waste in Kenya and Tanzania. Usually it ends up at the local dumping site. This is not in line with the sustainable objectives of Viafrica. Together with partners, including Rabobank, Delft University of Technology and WorldLoop, we are working on a solution that prevents e-waste to disappear into the environment.

Action Plan

At this moment, we collect all our e-waste and store it until there is a solution for processing it sustainably and safely. We work towards that solution by taking a number of important steps.


First of all by creating an easily accessible, attractive e-waste collection system that can be used at a large scale in the future. Owners of e-waste are requested to report their e-waste to the Viafrica Tanzania office after which we can collect it.


The next step is separating the collected hardware in parts. The parts will subsequently enter various circuits. Metal and hard plastics are processed by local recyclers. The remainder will be shipped to Europe where it is processed by specialised recycling companies.