Not only can you make a lasting investment in better education in Africa by donating your depreciated hardware. You will also profit of the benefits PC-Donation has to offer! PC-Donation is able to give form and content to your CSR policy. Moreover, we take care of the entire chain, from the collection up to the processing of you hardware, fully free of charge.

CSR Policy
PC-Donatie enables you to concretely give substance to the wish of your organisation to do business in a socially responsible way. Your donation allows us to invest its revenue in the development of the education sector in Africa. You will receive a Mediakit, which includes practical tips, tools and images to help you communicate your CSR efforts internal and external.
Logistics and processing fully free of charge
PC-Donation takes care of the entire chain of your donated hardware in a professional way.

  • Free collection and transport
  • Free data removal using government accredited programme Blancco, with certificate
  • Hardware that can no longer be used will be recycled in a responsible way by our partner SiSo

Follow your revenues
The revenue from the PC-Donation programme is specified per project. That's why we are able to give you a separate project report per donation. You will receive a comprehensive report and images of each project that has been made possible partly thanks to your donation.
If you would like to donate your hardware, you can contact us or directly fill out the inventory list.