Good education is of essential importance for the perspective and quality of life of the new generation of young people. Viafrica is a social company that stimulates sustainable development in Africa through total solutions for ICT.

We want to initiate this sustainable development in the eduction sector through our education programme: the CLASSworks programme (Computer Learning and Sustainable Support Works).
Our CLASSworks programme provides guidance for schools in all key areas relating to the management and use of a computer lab. CLASSworks is more than just the technical infrastructure. From our local branches in Kenya and Tanzania, we:

  • guide schools in the areas of administration, maintenance and support
  • train specialist teachers,
  • provide digital education materials
  • regularly organize seminars for school management.

The revenue of your depreciated hardware is your donation to Viafrica and will be used for this education programme. Through PC-Donation you invest, together with Viafrica, in better (ICT) education in Africa. You will receive a comprehensive report and images of each project that has been made possible partly thanks to your donation.  In cooperation with our partners we have provided some hundreds of schools with computer education in the past ten years.
If you would like to contribute to this and donate your hardware, you can contact us or directly fill out the inventory list.