PC-Donation is a joint initiative of Viafrica and SiSo Computers, a specialised processing company. Aim of this campaign is to collect and sell donated hardware for social ICT projects in Africa.

Hardware that can no longer be used will be recycled in a responsible way and useful hardware will be sold by SiSo. The revenue is your donation to Viafrica and will be used for our education programme: the CLASSworks programme.


You can donate all your old hardware:

  • Desktops

  • Laptops

  • Servers

Also various peripherals and mobile phones are welcome.


We take care of the entire chain, fully free of charge. We collect the hardware and your data will be removed safely with certified software of Blancco. You will receive a comprehensive report of this. You can find more information about the logistics and processing of your donated hardware on the page your benefits.


Before we can start the donation process, we would like to determine the value and the volume of your hardware donation. That's why we use an inventory list upon which you can indicate the details of your hardware. You can directly fill out the inventory list or you can contact us, in case you have any questions.