With CLASSworks Online we provide an internet connection via mobile networks. We also offer schools their own website. A great solution for schools wanting to expand their educational offering and enhance their visibility on the web.

CLASSworks Online uses mobile networks. In this way we connect your server to the internet. Nowadays, this is possible virtually anywhere in Tanzania and Kenya.


As default, the CLASSworks server has been equipped with the correct software to optimally use the internet connection. This includes a proxy server and a cache server which saves frequently accessed website locally. The server also has a filter that blocks unwanted websites.


You can adapt your school’s website entirely to your taste and wishes. You can manage all content yourself. With a modular content management system you can adapt the layout at your discretion. Viafrica registers a unique domain name for your school and ensures that you can be reached with a dedicated e-mail address.


You can apply online for the CLASSworks programme by downloading the CLASSworks Application Form ('documents' right), filling it in and sending it to us through the webform below. If you have questions or need more information first, you can also contact us using the webform below. 


An overview of all school websites of Viafrica can be found here.


CLASSworks application webform

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