CLASSworks Infrastructure offers you the opportunity to realise a fully equipped computer room for your educational institution.

Viafrica provides professionally equipped computer rooms, including a central server and a local network. The server contains an extensive digital library with educational materials and is ready for connection to the internet.


Without additional costs Viafrica maintains your hardware and software for a period of three years, so that you always have a working environment at your disposal. In addition to this, a number of teachers will be trained so that they have the necessary knowledge to teach computer classes.


Educational institutions wanting to participate have to furnish computer rooms according to certain guidelines. Think of requirements regarding the classroom, electricity and furniture.


Furthermore, every school will pay around 25% of the necessary investments, as well as the usage costs. The remaining 75% will be financed by Viafrica and its partners to keep computer education affordable for as many schools as possible.


In the meantime, over 280 schools use computer rooms equipped by CLASSworks Infrastructure. They achieve excellent results with their ICT education. With your contributions to PC-Donation we are able to offer our services to an increasing number of schools.


A computer room at your school? You can apply online for the CLASSworks programme by downloading the CLASSworks Application Form ('documents' right), filling it in and sending it to us through the webform below. If you have questions or need more information first, you can also contact us using the webform below.

CLASSworks application webform

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