With CLASSworks Extension Viafrica offers you the opportunity to purchase additional digital devices. At cost price you have access to more didactic forms of work.

With the additional devices from CLASSworks Extension education can be supported and improved even more with ICT.


One laptop with a projector already makes it possible to show films, presentations or animations in all classrooms, for example.


Private computers for teachers give them the opportunity to prepare their classes at home and develop their computer skills better and faster.


USB microscopes and digital cameras provide new possibilities for interactive education, also in regular subjects.


Viafrica regularly adds new products to the CLASSworks Extension range. Digital devices that can be used for the obligatory subjects from the national educational curriculum are our priority.


You can apply online for the CLASSworks programme by downloading the CLASSworks Application Form ('documents' right), filling it in and sending it to us through the webform below. If you have questions or need more information first, you can also contact us using the webform below.


CLASSworks application webform

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