The CLASSworks Academy is an e-learning platform offering a wide choice of digital educational materials allowing you to support your computer education. The CLASSworks Academy is part of CLASSworks Infrastructure.

Through CLASSworks Academy Viafrica offers you access to digital educational and learning materials. With this digital library teachers can use recent educational materials and interactive teaching methods during their computer classes. The educational material consists of examples, interactive games and digital practice materials. Books, films and the ‘Wikipedia for schools’ are also part of the library. We guarantee the topicality by continuous updates and additions.


We offer all content from the CLASSworks Academy via However, also without an internet connection your educational institution can use the material, via the CLASSworks server installed at your school.


With concrete teaching plans, CLASSworks Academy fits in with the national curriculum of Tanzania and Kenya as much as possible. This means that it is easy for teachers to directly use the materials during computer classes.


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