Do you want to contribute to sustainable development in Africa with your CSR mission? We would like to think with you to give this a concrete content.

Viafrica believes it is important to keep its overhead costs as low as possible. That is why we have to resort to organisations offering their services for free.


This has big advantages for both parties. You can, for example, remain active within your own field of expertise and use your own skills. You can give substance to your CSR mission and you can really make a contribution. Thanks to your professional support, Viafrica will be able to use more means for projects in Africa.


Currently Viafrica is looking for organisations that can support us in:

  • marketing campaigns, both in the Netherlands and in Africa
  • the development of printed materials

Would you like to help us with this or do you have your own ideas about a possible cooperation? Please contact us.


Meanwhile, Viafrica has built up solid partnerships with numerous companies and organisations who want to give substance to their CSR mission:

  • VCK Logistics SCS takes care of all storage and transport of hardware;
  • IT-Staffing dispatches ICT professionals for capacity building in Africa and is partner in Viafrica’s "UurtjeFactuurtje" campaign
  • Accenture and Brunel contribute their knowledge in the Netherlands
  • Lion Air Cargo takes care of the air and sea transport against cost price