Do you wish to make a concrete and tangible donation? Sponsor a computer room for a school. Viafrica is continuously equipping new computer rooms at secondary schools in Africa through our CLASSworks programme. You can already finance a complete educational project, a computer room with ten computers, including guidance and support, from 3850 euros.

Besides sponsoring computer rooms at schools, financial means are necessary for the other projects. Viafrica uses the contributions of its sponsors exclusively for the financing of new investments and never for current costs. The current costs are paid using project revenue or contributions from the beneficiaries (i.e. the schools). In this way Viafrica guarantees that your contribution ends up where it is really needed and leads to a sustainable result.


We are, for example, still looking for financiers for the CLASSworks Support project with which we guide teachers in integrating ICT within their lessons.


Does our educational project appeal to you? Or do you have a concrete purpose yourself? We would like to contact you to discuss the possibilities.


Tax advantage

Viafrica has been recognised by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, Dutch abbreviation: ANBI). This means that your contribution to one of Viafrica’s educational projects is tax-deductible. For both private parties as businesses there are many possibilities to make a donation, which is attractive with regard to tax.


You can find extensive information about the specific conditions and possibilities on the Tax and Customs Administration’s website: (only available in Dutch).