Viafrica offers ICT consultants the unique opportunity to support our projects by working three weeks at one of our offices in Africa on a concrete assignment. Together with outsourcing agency IT-Staffing we annually recruit four consultants to be seconded to our agencies in Tanzania or Kenya.


Based on the concrete needs and bottlenecks at our offices in Africa Viafrica publishes vacancies via IT-Staffing, Computable and our own website. Candidates are expected to offer their expertise and experience for three weeks. In exchange for that you will get a unique experience in Tanzania or Kenya. All your travel and accommodation costs will be paid by IT-Staffing. Your stay will be concluded with a weekend safari.


Experiences of consultants

In recent years, dozens of consultants have worked at our offices in Tanzania and Kenya. They have advised and supported Viafrica in all manner of areas: management, logistics, internal procedures, personal effectiveness, marketing, ICT development and administration. Without exception these professionals have experienced their stay in Africa as an enrichment of their personal and professional lives. Read more about their experiences at the Travel blog and Computable.


Information exchange

For Viafrica, these visits are extremely valuable. The advantage of a relatively short period of three weeks is that work is being carried out very result-oriented. The consultants cooperate intensively with our employees. Experience, knowledge and skills are mutually shared. That makes it an enriching experience for both parties. Our employees will be supported by experienced consultants allowing them to grow in their day-to-day activities. The consultant in his/her turn experiences that his/her knowledge and experience are not universal. Working in Africa also means experiencing a reality that is in many ways very different from that in the Netherlands. That poses challenges to look for new solutions.