The Viafrica organisation in the Netherlands and Germany consists of a small core of paid employees, supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and interns. In addition we offer ICT professionals and consultants the unique opportunity to support our projects by working a number of weeks in Africa on a concrete assignment.

ICT professionals and consultants

In cooperation with outsourcing agency IT-Staffing we annually recruit four ICT professionals to be seconded to our offices in Tanzania or Kenya for a period of three weeks. These offices guide schools in the use and administration of a computer room by providing supervision and support and by solving various ICT questions. Viafrica regularly looks for Dutch experts who want to use their knowledge and expertise to support the local staff in Africa.


Outsourcing agency IT-Staffing selects the experts and pays their travel and accommodation expenses. The expert is expected to work three weeks for free. During the last few years experts have regularly been posted to Africa. Read more about their experiences at the travel blog.