With its activities in Africa Viafrica aims at a sustainable result. We do this by direct and long-term involvement in our projects, based on healthy economic principles. In this we prefer content above scale.

Viafrica is a social enterprise with a central social objective supported by commercial activities. In all our projects we aim for financial independence, thanks to this projects can continue to exist.


Viafrica works from the conviction that social and economic development in Africa go hand in hand. We believe in stimulating middle class as motor for further development and use ICT as a means. We aim at equipping the educational sector and small to medium-sized businesses.


The use of ICT in education provides new possibilities with which education can be improved both across the board and in depth. In this way school-leavers obtain more relevant knowledge and experience and the gap to the labour market is made smaller.


Small to medium-sized businesses are an important economic sector in Africa as well, which has too little access to good and affordable ICT solutions. Viafrica’s objective is to offer these solutions and to give a positive stimulus to this sector.