Joost Dam is founder and managing director of Viafrica. It was his idea to stimulate development in Africa by using information technology, particularly within education. A central starting point is that Viafrica’s initiatives, thanks to the long-term and content-based support, have to be able to continue to operate independently after each educational project has been concluded.

In 2003, Viafrica equipped the first computer rooms at secondary schools in Africa. At the time Viafrica operated exclusively from Amsterdam. At first, the organisation consisted entirely of volunteers and was supported by partners and donors in the Netherlands. Later the educational projects were baptised CLASSworks and they have meanwhile grown into a complete product family.


In 2006, an office was opened in Tanzania. In 2007, this was followed by an office in Kenya. These Viafrica offices take on all operational activities and offer technical and content-level support to schools participating in Viafrica’s education projects. The African branches are under the management of a local manager and operate as independent organisations.


As of 2009, Viafrica focuses on making its own organisation financially independent by offering paid services and products in Africa to small to medium-sized businesses, government agencies and NGOs. Since 2012 the Viafrica organisation is able to pay for all fixed costs from the income and we only depend on external financing for investments in our educational projects. At the beginning of 2014 Viafrica started a second European office in Germany.