Viafrica helps building the IT infrastructure of Africa. We offer sustainable solutions for the educational sector, the local business community and (development) organisations. We have gained experience in this since 2003. We are familiar with the specific challenges involved in working on the African continent.

The use of ICT is indispensable for development. Nothing is more appropriate than education to offer opportunities to the new generation of young people on the African continent. Good ICT education in Africa is essential for their future perspective and quality of life. Viafrica is specifically devoted to this by equipping computer rooms at schools and the long-term guiding of the schools in maintenance, support and teacher training.


The objective is that these projects should be able to continue independently. Viafrica only supports the schools with part of the necessary initial investment, because this is beyond the means of most schools. Viafrica realises this investment thanks to cooperation with businesses and donations from our partners. Subsequently, schools are responsible themselves for all current costs. The products we offer at the moment can be found here.


Viafrica functions as a social enterprise. Our market-oriented initiatives form a primary source of income for Viafrica. In addition the commercial activities contribute to the industry of and employment in Africa. From our branches in Tanzania and Kenya we also supply ICT services and solutions to the private and semi-public sectors. We offer organisations and companies affordable products and services of excellent quality.