About us

Viafrica's objective is to use ICT for sustainable development in Africa. We realise our objective as a social enterprise through social projects and by supplying commercial ICT solutions and services.


Viafrica is a social enterprise stimulating sustainable development in Africa with total solutions for ICT. We work from the conviction that social and economic development go hand in hand. Our local offices support educational institutions with hardware and training, teaching materials and maintenance. In addition, we provide ICT services and products to local entrepreneurs, the government and international organisations.


In Europe, the Viafrica organisation has two offices: our Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam and a branch in Giessen, Germany. Four paid employees work at the European offices, supported by over twenty-five volunteers.


In Africa, Viafrica has three offices: two in Tanzania (in Moshi and Dar-es-Salaam) and one in Thika, Kenya. At the African service centres in total twenty-five paid, local people are employed.


As social enterprise Viafrica works on social objectives supported by commercial activities. By long-term project support all our initiatives can continue independently after the conclusion of a project.